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Independent Fermentations Brewing (aka IndieFerm) specializes in making craft beers with locally grown ingredients. Many of their beers are inspired by the Belgian farmhouse brewing tradition but they also make other styles. They brew what they like to drink and that covers a lot of territory. They primarily use Massachusetts-made barley, wheat, and rye malts as well as malt from farmers and maltsters around the Northeast that share their ethic of keeping it local and independent. Most of their hops come from Massachusetts but there are some varieties that they like that simply don’t grow here, so they supplement with other sources when needed. On average, their beers are brewed with about 80% locally sourced ingredients. It costs us more this way, but it is worth it to keep the money local and support people who work and think like they do. They believe in making local beer with local ingredients. Help IndieFerm fight the mono-culture: think independent, drink independent.